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Essay Preview: Two Schools
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The Best Choice
Colleges, whether they are large or small, are an enormous influence on the society of today. Therefore, the decision made by high school students is not whether to go, but where to go. The most important deciding factors when choosing a college include; cost of schooling, convenience of schooling and the long-term success rate of the college. For reasons listed above many high school students are more beneficial if he/she attends a local community college the first year, rather than directly attending a four-year university.

The factor often taken into mind first is the cost factor. The cost factor has a large impact on the type of schools that a student will be able to attend. When calculating the cost, there are three main aspects; tuition, room and board and travel expenses. As students research, they often come to find that local community colleges are able to save them a lot of money. On average, Community colleges often cost approximately two thousand to three thousand dollars per year for books and tuition, this may vary depending on classes and books. Most four-year universities will cost somewhere between four thousand and six thousand dollars for tuition and books; this is also variable upon classes and books. The next aspect to consider is the cost of room and board. Many students whom remain to live at home are not required to pay their parents rent. However, when students move to a four-year university, they will have to pay for this amenity, not to mention that home-cooked meals are often tastier. The last main aspect on the cost of schooling is the travel expense. When a student attends a local community college, they will often have to travel less than fifteen miles to get to school each day. Commuting can be a pain, especially in poor weather conditions. The students whom attend a four-year university, in most cases, will have to drive quite a few miles more. These drives can be what causes students to remain at college for longer periods between visits home. However, living on campus does have and advantage over commuting when the weather turns bad. By attending a local community college the first years, many students are able to save money that is open for investment in a higher degree of education.

The second deciding factor is the convenience of the schooling. The convenience of schooling is the way it fits into your already familiar lifestyle. The changes in every-day life may deal with a residence, job, or current relationship. In most cases, these are the reasons why attending a community college can be such a great choice. The conveniences of living at home include can help a student ease into the college experience. When first-time college students come directly from high school, many do not know what is expected from them. The blast of home work hits them and it knocks many off their feet, when they live at home they are not also burdened with the task of managing their new lifestyle and endless freedom. When a high school student directly attends a four-year university, they must

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