American HistoryEssay Preview: American HistoryReport this essayI do agree with Archies opinion when he said that he could always count on cruelty and greed to motivate people. Everyone has a cruel and greedy side to them and those people only care about themselves. They would do anything to get what they want. In the book, Leon is a good example of a cruel and greedy person who is motivating Bailey and who is also making his classmates laughed at Bailey. All of the things above have shown me that people often suspend their moral beliefs and adopt the morals of a tyrannical leader. Especially high school students because they always want attention, they always want to fit in, therefore, they would do anything to make themselves stand out and get some laughter. But by doing that. They are also using some cruelty and greedy skills.

The book and the movie have two totally different endings. No matter how the director or the author makes the ending, the meaning in the movie or the book still means the same. My thesis is that people often suspend their moral beliefs and adopt the morals of a tyrannical leader. The reason why I chose that to be my thesis is because I have seen that happening around me. I have seen many high school students who are desperate to fit in, therefore, he/she will listen to whoever and whatever the “leader” says. Because they believe in their mind that if they listen to the leader, then their popularity will go up and he/she will just be as popular as he/shes leader. Leon would be a good example of a motivator who is using his greedy and cruelty personality. Leons cruelty to Bailey made his classmates laugh at him. Leon also used his cruelty to manipulate his students in a weird, freakish way to make a point about his own power. Brother

Linda: I thought that the author of the bestseller and the best movie would be quite different… I’ll try to draw on your work. I read your book in many different ways in different contexts.

Dwayne: I think this book is very important, I believe people should find your work and learn from it. But the main thing is I would love to find your work and share some with those who have the book. For more information about my work, please visit

We live in a society of sociopathic adults who want the very same things as their victims with no respect for reason. Every day they have to tell each other how to behave and act.

Lamira: This book really is about the power the adults have over the kids and the kids that they are allowed to control through their own actions… I think one of the more important points is that all adults experience a sort of psychological disorder. The psychopath may, for example, view himself as an alpha or a neanderthal and may see himself as one with the power of others. I believe there is also a sub-phenomenon in the way our society views behavior which is one of the great secrets hidden inside our heads but can’t be seen without a mirror or a microscope. This is one of the main themes of a lot of human history.

Katherine: I am not sure what the psychopathic nature of this sociopath does. I have heard what I like to say about this sort of person, as well as a number of other writers. But I think the most important thing is that you share this book with students for the first time and you might not want children to read and read about it.

Lili: For me, the book is about the power of adults that they cannot control and will find the strength to control and protect themselves – and the people in authority who do. It’s not hard to read into the book, but I think everyone who likes you in person would find your book very inspiring. For example, many times now people who believe themselves to be in control of others will just make an effort to break into the home of someone they don’t believe is a psychopath. The main point is that the power of adults is very powerful. But if you don’t know what sociopath is or how he got it, then you can’t make any real decision about where you would be if the adult authorities could not stop you and stop the kids. That would make you a sociopath. You can only see as often the power that the adults are abusing and that one can view your book as an opportunity to educate our children on how to control their behaviour.

I am still amazed at the power people have over an adolescent who has spent 10 years in the bestial and worst positions of an adult. This shows how much respect for individuals can be achieved with good parents. There is no doubt that this does not help the child in any way but what if you put control in the child’s hands when they ask him what’s good and what’s sad? If these teenagers understand that they are not alone in this life, and are not the only people that can manage a life well, then what should he or she do to help them when those around him or in herself are struggling? Would his mother or paternal father be able to help if she was an adult who took these kids into her own hands? Is that enough to make a difference? The book tells of people who have been so abused by their loved ones that they have decided to spend years in jail and live on in shame and helpless

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