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Tekhira FrancisMs. BarrettAP Lang 54BSynthesis Essay        High school has always been considered as the gateway to college. High school students have the intention of going to college. The mindset behind this ideal is that college would assist in gaining job opportunities. College is worth its cost because it increases the value of life, allows graduates to contribute to society and teaches beneficial skills. Students should highly consider college because it increases the value of life. College can be an important investment because a degree could lead to more money on a pay check. A study revealed a bachelor’s degree earns more pay in jobs such as secretaries, plumbers and cashiers, which don’t require a bachelor’s. This causes a less stressful life as people will tend to have lighter financial burdens (Leonhardt).  If college graduates could earn at least a bachelor degree, then when the graduates obtain a job, they have a chance to earn more than usual. This increases the value of life since graduates would be able to be financially stable in life. Therefore, alumni could afford monage or rent, gas prices and other living expenses and still have extra left over. Thus, college can improve graduates’ lives.

College is a good idea for those who want to contribute to society. College allows students to get jobs which are necessary in today‚Äôs society. Jobs such as ‚Äúplumbing, electrical work, car repair‚ÄĚ and others are becoming more needed (Crawford). With a trade or vocational college, students would be able to learn how to do these desired work forces. ¬†Therefore, graduates from these trade or vocational schools are more prone to find a job (Leonhardt). By honing these skills, students will be able to take on jobs that society can benefit from. It also helps since society always need renovations or innovations.Overall, individuals will benefit from attending college since they can be easily employed and work for the needs of society. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Some believe that college is a waste of time because it becomes a burden on students and does not help with wages. In a survey answered by the public, several people felt college was not an option since they could not afford it. For those who did go to college, they felt that college caused trouble for them because the student debt was too high for them to pay off (Pew). College sometimes causes economic issues for students and their families. This makes someone‚Äôs circumstances difficult. In some cases, students could be homeless after college because student debt affects their credit score and their ability to get a house. It could also ruin their health as students would have to budget and force them to buy cheap and unhealthy foods. Another problem with college is that wages do not improve for college graduates. From 2002 to 2010, there has been a noticeable decrease in wages of college graduates (chart). This means that college does not help with getting paid more. It concludes that people would not need college. This is because they will earn the same as someone who did not go to college.

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