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High school experiences are helpful for the deveoplemnt from child to a young adult. Students grow together and experience the good the bad and learn from one another. Some make new friends, some loose friends and others dont find any. High school is all about change and growth. Others worry about what they wear, who the hang with, and do only whats cool. And others grow up in a different enviroment. I belive those who don’t know themselves reflect off the others who have already found themselves.

I’m not the typicaly student who attends school everday of every week of every school year. My situation is different from others. Majority of teachers, guidence counslers, and principals all had some negative say in the way my life is lived and approached. Many critise my family and my parents on how they’ve raised my two oldest brothers and I. Negative comments lead my mother to even push my brothers and I even harder and more aggresivly, so that one day someone will realize what my family does is not wrong. Letting my brothers and I miss school consistainly so we can chase our dreams and grow up in a different enviroment has taught us more than living in a small town with the same people ever will.

My brothers and I race motocross. A sport that is so aggresive and so compeative its such an adrealine rush. We get on the gate, our hearts pounding. Everything more. Nothing less. Lining up with 42 kids just as fast if not faster all wanting the same thing. The win, the championship, the glory. Motocross isn’t just about twisting a throttle, turning corners and jumping over enormous mounds of dirt. We train and ride everyday, race in different states and countries 43 weekends out of every year, and sacrifice so many things. My family has lost two great friends from racing. But we all take that risk and just keep moving on. Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an hour, a day, or even a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. My family loves this sport and we cannot live without it.

Many crizasie and ask numerous amounts of questions. “How can you let your kid do that?“, “You do know they can get hurt extremely bad?“, “Don’t they miss their friends from school?” Yes, I realize we could die doing this sport. You also can get hurt from playing any sport, or even walking up the stairs. My mothers response to these commonly asked questions is simple. “Atleast, I know where my children are 24/7 and what their doing, and who their friends are. Do you know where your children are all the time? How about their friends? Their friends family? I know my kids arenвЂ?t sitting up town smoking pot and going behind my back getting drunk and making mistakes. We grow together as a family, and probably know more things about each other than your family does.” My family has become so defensive about hearing such negative things about this sport. Theres a reason why God brought this to our life.

In my experience of motocross I have developed to be very

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