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What exactly is deferance? Well, to be exact, deferance is courteous regard or respect to ones wishes or wants. But to me, deference is a little bit of respect mixed with a bit of compassion. Most people would agree with the face that more people need to yield more respect for others. According to a recent survery of one high school in Waco, Texax, students agreed that only about one-fourth of their entire high school population was corteous of another student or faculty members wants and needs. Lots of people might ask, what if humans didnt show deference? I believe that if more humans did not show deference, there would be way more physical violence going all around the place! For some people, they are not happy when they arent given the same respect & freedom as other people, which in turn, might make them hostile.

Also, there are plenty of ways human beings do not show deference to one another. Such as, blaring your own radio in a public place. This action is certainly disrespectable to people. Maybe you need to think of those bad words you might use while waiting in line for lunch, or sitting in a dentists office. Not only do these actions show you have no respect, these actions demine your self character.

Next, there are many ways humans could avoid a hostile situation just by paying attention to someones actions. Much like that of an animal, humans show different signs of different emotions. Think about it this way, when a

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