Hotel Chains of Red Bull
Essay Preview: Hotel Chains of Red Bull
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The topic is about the hotel chains of Red Bull. There are some objectives of the IMC campaign as follows: Firstly, the Red Bull is a well-known brand, most of customers prefer to choose their familiar brands. Therefore, the customers should be accepted and attracted by advertising of numerous sponsoring activities of the hotels. Moreover, the high quality products and services represent more value things for customers. Secondly, there will have more extra profit in the coming years. Not only the company will benefit from this campaign but also the customers will feel more comfortable. Because the products and services can almost meet various demands of customers. Moreover, more opportunities will be brought by advertising of media which means the market share may be expanded. Thirdly, sales promotion and discount are the main ways to increase awareness and interesting to the hotels. The point is to persuade them to spend holidays on the hotels.

Analysis competitor performance is another key behaviour to achieving these objectives. Because there are many famous hotel chains in the world, some of them have strong performance every year. Therefore, the hotel chains of Red Bull should show different advantages or features to customers such as special services for vegetarian and special menu for those people who believe some religions.

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