Pay the Fee or Watch for Free?
Essay Preview: Pay the Fee or Watch for Free?
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jacob patty
English 5
Period 4
Pay the fee or watch it for free?
Enjoying your time out at a theater is a good way to spend the night, although you can receive the same experience watching your own television at home.

Sure we all can enjoy the aroma of popcorn and booming audio system of a theater, but isnt it really the same thing as watching the films at home?
Ticket prices recently have been rising and truly proves to be an inconvenience. Charges range from 9.50$ to 10.00$. Which doesnt include the high prices for popcorn or additional snacks, drinks, and refreshments you may desire. In addition to the high prices of your refreshments, your options are limited. there isnt much you can purchase thats in the healthy range. Most of the items available are fatty foods, from sugar high candy from salty popcorn. If your a health conscience person, you wont be pleased with the options left to you. If your willing to pay for the refreshments you might want something that wont cause you harm in the long run.

Contrary to the high prices and fatty foods, if you enjoy the movie at your house you can avoid the price of entrance. Instead of paying ten dollars to watch a movie one time, you can purchase it and have your own personal collection of flicks to watch. A better alternative to the fatty foods is to eat dinner and watch the movie at home, with your own selection of foods from your own house. Which leaves your appetite pleased as well as your bank account. A tube of popcorn cost around five dollars when a pack of popcorn cost around the same price. At my local theater Fair Grounds Cinema Center, a large tube of popcorn is five dollars, despite the fact that you can purchase a box of microwave popcorn for half the price. A large soda from the same theater is 3.75$ when a case of soda usually runs about 5 dollars.

One positive thing about a night at the movies is the big screen, which from my personal view attracts most of us customers. Instead of focusing on the television we see almost everyday, we can open our eyes to a juggernaut screen with crystal clear digital quality. As if the huge screen isnt enough are ears are tickled by the booming surround sound system the theaters have to offer, which truly makes the trip worth while. No matter where you decide to sit, you are guaranteed a picture perfect view of the screen. The sound system also adds excitement to the time spent there, watching the crowd around you react to the amazing effects and thrills that the cinema has to offer.

Despite the embellished layout, and high-tech equipment the movies has to offer, we can receive the same experience at home. With all the new technology out, we are available to purchase a flat screen TV, with high definition picture and availability to us every day. There are also home surround

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