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High Carb Periods:
Once the switchover is made, then you will start implementing high carbohydrate periods into the diet. This will most often occur over the weekend and will allow you to replenish your muscle glycogen stores so you can carry on your workouts the following week. If you simply skipped over this period, exercise performance would gradually deteriorate over time until you were no longer able to perform effectively.

On these carb loading periods you will aim to eat about 15% protein, 15-20% fat and then the rest of your intake will come from carbohydrates. If you are currently dieting with quite a low calorie level during the week, it wouldnt be a bad idea to bump the calories up more over the weekend. This will help to additionally shock the metabolism a little and prevent any metabolic slowdown that may be occurring. If you are rather using this diet to help you maintain your weight and control insulin levels, then you should simply keep the calorie level the same but replace some of your fat choices for carbohydrate choices.

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A good general guideline for carb intake would be to consume 5-8 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. Eight grams would be the high end for those who are performing a lot of exercise during the week and are completely depleting their stores, while five would be more moderate for those who are exercising but arent performing as much volume. Do

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