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HGCs biggest problem in my opinion is that there doesnt seem to be a strategic management process in place to clearly state HGCs strategic plans. This is evident by all of the resource conflicts. Projects are not meeting deadlines and are coming in over budget. The text says that everyone is marching to the beat of their own drummer when everyone should be working together. With fifteen new employees coming on board HGC needs to implement some sort of rules so that there will be structure and every resource will be used productively and efficiently.

Besides the symptoms I already talked about in the previous paragraph, some other symptoms that identify the problem are as follows. There are conflicts and poor or no communication within projects and departments. There is poor utilization of organizing resources, and there appears to be no clear focus. HGC is supposed to be an educational gaming company specializing in young childrens educational games, yet the top HGC talents are working on an international business game for college students. The project does not fit the organization vision or the market niche. The top talents should be working on a childrens game instead.

All of these little things cause a huge problem for the company. If there was some sort of strategic plan and projects would be prioritized correctly a lot of the problems would be solved. HGC should review their mission if they want to expand into other markets. If they want to continue specializing in young childrens educational games then they should put their college project on the chopping block. HGC needs to correctly and clearly allocate their resources to avoid conflicts within different projects. HGC should implement a multi-weighted scoring model to evaluate project proposals. The text states that a rival company tried to hire a key product development employee away from HGC. In order for HGC to be ready to meet any potential competition head on and discourage any new entries into their market they should look into establishing the company as the number one company for childrens educational games. If HGC adds some employee perks they will not want to work for another company. A few things they might be able to look into could be as simple as gift cards to favorite stores, movie theater tickets, or a closer parking spot. If HGC can afford to their incentives can be bigger for example a paid 4-day weekend

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