The Miracle Worker
Essay Preview: The Miracle Worker
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When one meets someone new, someone unfamiliar with no relation, one of their first reactions is to not trust them. One can not rely on someone who is new to their own daily lifestyle. This is exactly the situation in “Miracle Worker.” Annie has to over come many obstacles while trying to gain Helens trust.

While Annie is trying to teach Helen signing, Helen is independent and does not want to have faith in Annie. Upstairs, Helen comes across Annies doll, but can only have it if she lets Annie control the situation. Helen does not like her guiding her into certain actions. Annie needs Helen to cooperate and understand what she is teaching. When Helen gets away from her upstairs, she locks the door of the room in which Annie is in, so she can have her way with the doll. Helen did not want to have to earn the privilege of getting the doll by listening to Annie. She was excited and satisfied that she was alone and got her way with the doll and did not have to worry about Annie. Since Helen does not have the desire to learn, Annie needs to gain reliance from Helen.

Annie urges Helen to rely on her in order to understand that spelling words have meanings. Annie takes Helen to a garden house to help her tolerate Annie and to comprehend what the meanings of the words are. This is a very difficult task for both Helen and Annie. Helen needs to learn to cope with Annie in order for her to absorb more knowledge. Annie has a hard and difficult time with Helen while being around her family members. Helen does not trust Annie so it is very hard for her to get Helen to understand. Being at the garden house helped Annie and Helen. Even though Helen has not gained her trust toward Annie, she still walked away being able to stand her.

In this story, the author wants the reader to look at things in a different way in which someone normally looks at something. In “Miracle Worker” Annie has to get the Kellers

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