Harrahs Casino
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Case 7 Harrah’s
List of Facts
Recognized and respected brand name in casino entertainment
First to be on New York Stock Exchange
Gambling revenue in us 2001 50 billion
Harrah’s 4 billion
26 locations
Building lasting relationships with customers
Second largest behind mgm mirage
Reaches mission through operational excellence and technological leadership which enables Harrah’s to manage each customer relationship individually

Differentiates by building loyalty in customers gambling behavior
Markets the experience rather than location and facilities
87 percent of revenue from casinos
Core customers slot players, sustainable profit growth
Customers are known from casino to casino regardless of location especially high rollers
Casino success based on how much a guest leaves behind
Direct mail customers that visited within one month
Sort players by earning potential tracks wins and losses
26% of the gamblers generated 82% of the revenues
Heavy users doctor bankers and machinists and usually didn’t stay in the hotel just visited the casino on the way home
Happy customers more loyal
Those who indicated happy

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