In an Effort to Increase Health Junk Food Tax Should Be Increased.
Essay Preview: In an Effort to Increase Health Junk Food Tax Should Be Increased.
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Topic: In order to encourage healthy eating, higher taxes should be placed on junk food agree or disagree.
Narrowed topic: In order to encourage healthy eating higher taxes should be placed on junk food.
Purpose: To educate the general public on the benefits of increasing the tax on junk food.
Thesis: Placing a higher tax on junk food will lead to decrease consumption, increased revenue for the government and reduced government expenditure on nutritionally acquired diseases such as Ischemic heart diseases, Renal failure and Diabetes mellitus to name a few.

when the price of a product increases then demand decreases
Consumer modification will occur as the price for junk food rises they will be forced to shift to healthier choices of food.
Manufactures will begin to loss profit so they will be forced to produce healthier foods to maintain sales.
. Government will generate much needed revenue from the tax collected from the sales of junk food.
This revenue can be recycled into the Health sector, Agricultural sector and into educating people about lifestyle changes.
Government can then subsidize healthy foods to create better health and nutrition.
Forcing consumer modification by increasing tax on junk food is interfering in the rights and freedom of people to make independent choices.
Junk food is convenient, tasty and economical; increasing the price will result in serious consequence on the family ranging from disruption in economic gains, family bonding and social issues such as dependence on welfare.

In light of all of the accusation junk food provides protein fats and carbohydrates; fats provides the most energy per gram which are needed for nutrition and cell metabolism. (Carol Taylor)

Junk food alone is not the culprit for nutritionally acquired diseases.
Junk food however has been the major contributor of cardiovascular diseases such as ischemic heart disease. The American heart association recommends that fats in the diet should NOT exceed 30% of the total diet.

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