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Global market leader in snack foods and non-carbonated beverages (tea, bottled water, chilled juices and sport drinks
PepsiЎ¦s spend a lot of money on advertising their new product through television, radio, internet, and billboards
Pepsi stay in the market by buying out their new competitor.
By starting as a beverage company, Pepsi had diversified its company to a multinational company that sells all kinds of product from beverage to holding concerts.

Pepsi compare itself with their competitor to improve itself better all the time.
The health issues are very big issues for Pepsi drink which contains a lot of fat and sugar.
Falling behind in International markets, namely Russia, Venezuela, and South America. This had a particularly bad consequence for shareholders who carried burden for restructuring and beverage unit problems in South American markets, at a cost of $525 million.

There is another health issue happened in India where Pepsi soft drink products had 36 times the level of pesticide residues permitted under European Union regulations, which gives bad reputation in world arena

Pepsi spend a lot of money on endorsement deal to pop stars but unfortunately most of it was failure.
Their promotions are only towards teen and not growing generation who are the next generation.
Expand their market to Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. This could give them the competitive edge for compete with their competitors
Invest more money on research and development to produce a healthier product as in beverages

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