The Complexity of the Program
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The complexity of this program: In order to finish and take this program, it is important to identify whether it is a complex system. Therefore, the following content mainly illustrate the related elements and aspects that will be influenced by improving the health care system. The elements are policy of government, economy, society, culture and the technology. Moreover, the relationship between these elements will be discussed in the following content.In addition, the characteristics of complex system: autonomous agents, operational independence of elements, managerial independence of elements, evolutionary development and emergent behavior will be discussed in the following content:Relating to the policy of government:In terms of government policy, the reform of health care system and government policy making are mutually influenced. The government formulates relevant medical conditions based on current medical conditions, but at the same time medical conditions are changing according to existing policies. Therefore, it has a lot of uncertainty and variability. The reform of the health care system is a self-adaptive project.In addition, in the relationship between government policy and the health care system, the policy formulation cannot rely entirely on the existing medical system. At the same time, the existing health system is not entirely affected by existing government policies. Therefore, there are both influences and independent ways of doing things. Therefore, the operational independence of elements is the other factor of improving health system.For two aspects of management, government policy is derived from the different experiences of different groups of people. In addition, the policy of the development and operation of the system is a completely different system. The people involved are not exactly the same. Therefore, the element of managing is the other characteristic. However, government policy will be pushed forward because of advances in existing medical standards. On the contrary, the medical system will be greatly improved because of the effective implementation of the policy. Therefore, evolutionary development takes a great part in this project.Relating to the economy of society:The bidirectional and harmonious nature of health care to economic development.Medical and health work and the relationship between economic development are mutually conditional and benefit, the economic conditions of medical and health care refers to medical and health economic resources are available, and the economic investment in health care, and reflects the health of the dependence of social economy and social economic conditionality of health. The economic benefits of health refers to the social economic benefits and the medical and health care value, namely healths contribution to the social and economic development, also reflects the health for the promotion of social and economic or social economic dependence on medical and health care.

In this aspect, medical and health care is more and more mature in theory. It is often emphasized that the development of social economy is the premise and foundation for the development of medical and health work, and it is the fundamental guarantee for the improvement of peoples health. The development of medical and health services requires certain labor, material resources, financial resources, information and technical support. The social and economic development finally restricts the scale and strength of a country and governments investment in health care. Also can reflect a certain period, a certain level of economy, the states investment in health care, and the states importance to health work.The effect of medical and health economic that benefits on social and economic development.On the one hand, it will be beneficial to the development of society. Improve peoples health; for example, is that people have a better state of mind and body into the life, work and study. Therefore, it is another way of promoting the economics of whole society and promote the comprehensive development of society; on the other hand, in order to promote health system construction, peoples living environment, working environment and medical enterprises related will boost productivity, it also led to social and economic progress. That is to say, the activities of todays medical and health economy should not only consider the current social and economic benefits, but also consider whether it meets the needs of social and economic development in the future. Department of health is an important component of the whole national economy, the study of the economic benefit and the development of the whole national economy are closely linked, i.e. to examine the development of medical and health goals is in line with the whole social and economic development of the general strategy and the general goal. In other words, to improve the health system is not only to focus on the short-time development, but also to focus on the future influence. Therefore, the unpredictability and autonomous is the great characteristics of this program. In short, medical and health has a tremendous impetus to improve peoples quality of life and social progress. It also plays a special role in promoting the development of the labor force. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the coordinated development of medical, health enterprises, and the economic society, and strive to achieve the unification of medical quality and economic benefits. To achieve this goal, the following points should be achieved.In other words, the improvement of the economy has a huge impact on the improvement of existing medical systems. For example, people have more money in their hands, and the more likely they are to be treated in real time when a disease occurs. It also saves a lot of unnecessary time consuming. This is another way to improve the health care system. Therefore, the improvement of the medical system and the development of social economy have both inseparable relations and dynamic balance. Therefore, independence, self-adaptation and self-improvement are all characteristics that they have.

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