Health Care Industry, Past, Present and Future
Running Header: Health Care Industry, Past, Present and Future        Health Care Industry        Denee Adamson        HCS 449 Health Administration CapstoneMarch 9, 2015Tesa McCarterAbstract        Health care has made significant changes in the past twenty years. Because health care is so advanced people live longer lives than they did twenty years ago. Medical advances have brought break though diagnosis testing as well as major improvements to patient care. Medical technology has changed the delivery of healthcare over the past forty years. Medical technology has allowed providers to diagnose, treat and monitor illnesses. Medical technology includes a wide variety of instruments, devices and machines that preform tests that focus on medical conditions that affect the human body.  Technology is changing everything, Especially in Healthcare. The transformations are incredibly useful in our modern world. Technology innovations and portable devices are changing ever so quickly it is hard to keep up on the latest trends that health providers offer. Technology in the healthcare field has helped professionals in the field carry out wide ranges of tasks and tests that we could not preform even 10 years ago.

Health Care Industry, Past, Present and FuturePastHealth care is ever evolving, and in the past ten years, there have been so many changes that have changed the way health care delivered today. In the days of early medicine many physicians worried more about the patients and the nature of medicine. There was an entrepreneurial spirit that led many physicians to go without equipment and resources using their diagnostic skills accumulated over a life time. During the course of the health care evolution. Magnetic Resonance Imaging also known as MRI, technology has changed the way providers treat and diagnose disease, illness and malfunction in the human body. Over a hundred and thirty years the magnetic resonance imaging technology has evolved changing the way providers can view bodily tissues and organs non-invasively. This technology is constantly evolving and is used as a modern world diagnosis tool. In 1970, Raymond Damadian discovered he could use magnetic resonance for medical diagnosis. Dr. Damadian also discovered cancerous tissues in four different animal tissues react differently under magnetic resonance imaging, emitting responses longer than sample tissues that were not cancerous. ‚ÄúIn 1974 a patent was granted for apparatus and methods detecting cancer in tissues, this was the world‚Äôs first patent issued in the field of MRI. By 1977 Dr. Damadian completed his construction of the first whole body MRI scanner, which he dubbed Indomitable.‚ÄĚ(Bellis, Hunt 2014)

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