Hcl Case Study
HCL is the largest contact centre and business outsourcing company in Ireland, employing over 1300 people across Belfast and Armagh centres. HCL’s work in Northern Ireland and the UK embraces a wide range of services, including back office administration, pre-press services, telemarketing, telesales, customer service and technical support services to a range of clients from sectors as diverse as Telecoms, Retail, Banking, Media, Utilities and Technology.

Project roadmap
In order to realise this business research project, we will follow these guiding principles Zikmud (2003):
The process is composed of four phases (phases): Definition, Measurement, Analysis and Recommendations.
1st phase, “Definition”, The aim of this phase is to understand the problem by :
identifying of the problem;
Indentifying the relevant variables related to the problem.
2nd phase: “Measurement”: during this phase we will collect data to analyse the problem
3rd phase “Analysis”: it consists on analysing the data gathered during the measurement phase. We will highlight the correlation between the variables studied and HCL problem using the collected data.

4th phase “recommendations”: Once the cause-effect relationships between the variables and the problem will be established, we end up the process by generating some recommendations to solve the management problem on the basis of the analysis done on the collected data.

Phase 1: Definition of the problem
Problem identification
The company is facing currently a major challenging commercial issue due to a lower conversion rate through outbound campaign. HCL’s poor results could lead the company to overstate its costs and lose its main customers. In order to manage its performance, HCL’s management team uses three main performances KPIs: SPH (Sales per selling Hour), DMC/hr (Decision Making Calls per Hour) and conversion rate. According the last dashboard, SPH is measured at 0.3 DMC/hr at 9.14 (73%) calls and the conversion rate is about 3.45%. Those measurement performance indicators are under the contractual targets which are SPH= 0.41, DMC/hr=10 calls, conversion rate= 4.20%. The strategy of HCL’s managers is to achieve these targets progressively. They have fixed a first milestone with intermediate targets: SPH= 0.38, DMC/hr=10 calls, conversion rate= 3.78%. Moreover, by achieving these targets HCL could save costs amounted to £ 282,413 a year. The management problem in this project is to find the way to improve and align progressively HCL’s performances to the customers’

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