Harrison-Keyes Discussion Questions
Harrison-Keyes Discussion Questions
Harrison-Keyes Inc., a leading publisher of business, scientific and technical information, is experiencing declines in profits, in the struggle to compete with low-cost retailers.

In order to revitalize the company, Harrison-Keyes Inc., must consider the components and best practices of strategic implementation.
1. Receiving negative press which could seriously damage Harrison-Keyes reputation and credibility.
2. Overseas outsourcing is not producing desired results.
3. Conflicting interest involving some of the authors. All parties are not heading in the same direction.
4. Faulty software.
5. Leak in the company causing private information to be publicized.
1. Turn negative publicity into positive advertisement by making changes to the organizational structure.
2. Benchmark similar companies who have successfully participated in overseas outsourcing.
3. Find a common point or form of motivation to get all parties to aim for the same goals.
4. Hiring a consultant will give Harrison-Keyes the expertise needed on order to get software running properly.
5. Harrison-Keyes can use the present leak in the company in order to publicize the information in which they want publicly aired.
In order to remain a leading publisher of business, scientific and technical information, Harrison-Keyes must research outsourcing as a solution and other

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