Harmless Lies
Harmless LiesGrowing up I watched my dad answering my mom’s phone when she was right beside him saying, “She is sleeping,” or, “She is in the bathroom,” or any other excuse because she just simply didn’t feel like answering her phone or she didn’t want to talk to that certain person. As I grew up watching my parents tell harmless lies I realized that there are several reasons why people declare harmless lies. Now that I am 19 I feel that sometimes I have to lie in order to avoid a huge talk with someone. Ever since I was born, my parents told me not to lie for many reasons but the main one is so I don’t go to hell, which terrified me for so long. A simple question such as, “How are you?” or, “How was your day?” can open the door to a conversation that would last five hours, so a simple, “I am fine,” or, “ my day was great” should abstain me from a long talk with someone I might not even enjoy talking to.

The reasons may vary on why people actually say they are almost done but they are not some might just say it to avoid nagging, getting out of trouble for example being late to work, or simply because laziness takes over when watching a nice movie. “I am almost done” I have heard these words over a million times, whether it’s from my mom, or my friends. Getting ready to go out with the family, my mom asks me to be ready before any one from my family, because she says I take the most time. As I begin to change, my expectations are that she is also changing and getting ready, just to figure out she is still doing things around the house. “Mom are you ready?” I ask, “I am almost done honey,” she replies. After a two-hour wait she finally gets ready, and my family is all out. Picking up any of my friends from their house, I have to notify them that I am on my way at least an hour in advance even though it was all planned a day before but if I don’t I will wait forever for them to be ready, even with at least an hour notice when I arrive I call “Hey I am out,” I say, “almost done” they say. After 15-minutes of waiting in the car they decide to show up.

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