Harley Buggy
English Essay: Harley BuggyThe childhood world of Jem, Dill and Scout was a time filled with adventure, intrigue and mystery. The reclusive family that is the Radley’s, invoked curiosity in the children’s lives, which led them into situations that feudl  there imagination. In addition the prejudice and bias in the town surrounding the events of Tom Robison, influenced and confused the, children’s lives as previsouly they were shelted from this hypocrisy. Part 1 of the novel to kill a mocking bird build context and emphasises the events of the childrens young liveshow they effect them. One of the most significant parts in the childrens world would be the mysterious family, whos history is shourded in darkness. The children all had conflicting feelins of the radely family, which would occasionally lead to altercations in there relationships. Dill was the most curious, with it seeming his visits always surrounded ‘boo radely’. Jem and scout had similar feelings to Dill, however jem was more hesitant originally. There intrigue is most likely linked to the rumours and myths that they have heard over the course of their lives from friends and family. In the kids minds Boo Radely could be anything. Jem tells scout earlier that “boo was about six and a half feet tall, juding from his tracks; he dined on raw squirrels and any cats that he could catch”. Due to this fascade of be wilderment which has built up in the kids’ minds, they set out on a quest to see boo radely. During one of their ‘missions’, whist trespassing on the Radely property they get shot at. This event tested and strained particualy Jems and scouts relationship. When jem left his pants in the radely lot, he strongly desired to retrieve them however scout, still be quite young and naïve didn’t understand why he wanted to go back. Jem wished not to disappoint the father whom he was finally begingnning to respect and after telling scout she realises that they are drifting. She states “it was them I suppose that jem and I first began to part company’. The Radely home and the occupants in it, are central to the childrens world, it gave them opportunities to bond, go against the father wishes and discover new and exciting experiences.

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