Why Do We Change Our Majors?
Essay Preview: Why Do We Change Our Majors?
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Why Do We Change Our Majors?
As college students some dont quite get the the idea of what they want to do during their first year in school. Some come in knowing exactly what they want to do. For others thats not the case. Once you see the variety of classes you can take, and the many activities that gain your interest in other things you end up wanting to change what you originally started with in the beginning. Some of those decisions can be a determining factor on your life in the future. It can be one of the most important decisions of your life. You have a risk of letting your parents down, struggling to make it, and wondering how you may get to what you set out to be. Hard work, and dedication are two of the main traits that will show how important that your future occupation will be to you.

Changing your major can provide you with insight on what you really want to do with your future career or trade. Its mainly deciding on what will make you happy. Its not about the pay, the schooling, or the obstacles that you have to go through to obtain it. Those are some of the variables that will want to push more into succeeding.

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