The Different Ways Being a Good Son or a Daughter
Essay Preview: The Different Ways Being a Good Son or a Daughter
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The different ways being a good son or a daughter We always read books and articles that teach us how to be a manager, a designer or even a good seller(salesman). But, have you ever wondered how to be a good child? In my perspective, obedience, loyalty, and respect are the most crucial qualities to be a good son.The most important characteristic of a child that makes happy parents is obedience. Almost all of parents expect their children to obey what they say and listen what they say. Sometimes, children think what the parents say are illogical from accepting them, but parents persist on that and maybe children or parents get annoyed. However, parents do not imply matters directly and do not say the reasons of decisions, but their main goal is the happiness of their childes. As one of the most important characteristics of a children is obedience, although sometimes obeying parent’s speech seems illogical but is the best choice for childes. By keeping the most important characterisitcs of children parents will be happy too.

Second quality of good child is loyalty. Everyone don’t likes lying specially parents dislike their children lying and expect them to be faithful with them. However, most of teenagers use to lie to parents.  I think parents will be glad if their child be loyal and say the truth even if, it annoys them but they don’t. However, having lots of problem and contrast with my parents I realized parents are sensitive about the loyalty of their childes and expect them to be faithful very much.Last but not least is respect. Everyone needs to respect, specially childes and parents need to respect each other. Parents spent their youth to growing their childes, by passing time they become older. When parents become old, it is childes function to serve them and respect them. Moreover, who would give up their own foods for you even if they are starving? No one but your parents would offer. I believe childes should respect their parents even if that is a worst case of a good case.

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