History of the Holocaust
History of the Holocaust
There are many important dates throughout the history of the Holocaust, spanning the time line of January 30,1933 through May 8,1945.This report covers some of the tragic events, from the beginning

of Hitlers dictatorship, and the fall of the Nazi power. From Nazi camps to hateful deaths. The holocaust was, and still is one of the most important parts of history.

The beginning
of the Nazis power began when the hateful man, Adolf Hitler, came to be dictator of Germany in 1933. He was named chancellor by President Paul von Hirdenburg. Hitler took the chancellors oath on January 30,and that night Nazis celebrated the victory with spirited torchlight parades in Berlin. All of the other countries were becoming aware of Germanys growing power. This led in many arguments and disputes among the world. Dictator Hitler, was a very hatred man who discriminated against blacks, homosexual, gypsies, and most of all the Jews. If you did not have blonde hair and blue eyes you were not acceptable in Hitlers eyes. German Jews were harassed, beaten, arrested and imprisoned. Their businesses were boycotted and Jewish lives were proscribed by a long list of new anti-Jewish laws.

Also in 1933 the Nazis set up the first concentration camp at Dachau, the first inmates are 200 communists. Concentration camps were death was sure to be. The people there had to sleep on cots. There were many camps around. Some had cold cement buildings some had hay huts. Many of the people got lice, fleas and ticks. The Nazis often beat the prisoners at the camp. They had to bunk with several people, and sometimes no blankets, just cement blocks. “Sometimes at the camp of Weiner Garben prisoner were forced to climb the 186 steps with large blocks of granite on their backs. Sometimes the blocks would fall, crushing limbs and sometimes the bodies of those who were following.” (Feig 121) If you were hiding a race that was wanted by the Nazis you too were either taken as a prisoner or killed.

“The Jews are our misfortune!” This was a common quote in and everyday life in Germany. The Jews had no where to turn. They tried to keep hidden so they didnt get caught and be killed or taken to camp. Overall it lead to the murder of 6,000,000 Jewish people. Out of these 6million 1.5 million were children and the rest were among many people of any race and gender.

On February 27, 1933 the “Reichstag” building, which Hitler tried to get full control of then he burned it down. Thats where they had there political meetings. “A Dutchman named. Marinus Vander Lubbe was arrested for the crime. Also in 1933 the Nazi party takes power in Germany.

In 1934 Jewish newspapers can no longer be sold on the streets. In 1935 Jews are deprived of their citizenship and other basic rights. In 1936 Jews no longer had the right to vote.1938 the Jews must carry

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