Harrison Keyes Scenario
Essay title: Harrison Keyes Scenario
Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.
Harrison-Keyes (H-K) is a global publisher specializing in scientific, technical and business books and journals, professional and consumer books, textbooks and other educational materials for all levels of study. The company holds about 22,700 active titles and publishes about 2000 new titles each year (Harrison-Keyes Scenario, 2006). Due to very stiff competition from low-cost retailers the company has suffered some serious setbacks. The company had hired a CEO who envisioned the opportunity to become a major player in the publishing scene by adopting e-books. However, the company failed to follow the necessary steps to plan and implement the project. As a result, stakeholders were unhappy, deadlines were missed and additional monies were required to complete the project. In an attempt to move forward the former CEO was fired and replaced by someone with a different ideology. The decision has not been made whether to continue with the e-book venture or to start looking to a new venue to increase sales.

Frame the “Right” Problem
H-K believes that the key to expanding the company, both domestically and worldwide, lays with the development of e-books publishing. However, the company is facing some obstacles related to poor planning that must be resolved before going forward.

H-K can turn around the culture of the whole organization to focus on the developing of the e-books initiative by creating a communication and training strategy that effectively conveys the new vision and goals of the company to all employees and stakeholders.

H-K’s goals are to become a leader in the publishing industry by expanding its products both domestically and worldwide to keep up with new technology

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