School Recess
During school recess, Iare discussing about the social issues that happening in surrounding while buying the food at the canteen.
: Hey guys, have you guys read on todays newspapers?
: Yeah, is about the social issues that become severe nowadays.
: Is that irresponsible teenagers that vandalism the playground facilities?
: Yeah.
return with a pack of nasi lemak.
: What are you guys discuss about?
: About the irresponsible teenagers that vandalism the playground facilities.
: Did any action taken to them?
Iman: Yes, the villagers send them to the police station and they been fined for RM500 per person.
Puah : They should get some lessons, but I am still curious why they want to do this, it does not brings any benefits to them.
Derrick : Well mostly because about the pressure from studies. They have many homework, yet they need to attend the tuition class. They need a way to release their stress and soon they use the way that is actually wrong—vandalism.

Ng : Besides, they also do this because of their peers. They do not want to be lonely. They will do anything to maintain the friendship with their peers.

Iman : I think they will do this because they do not practise the moral values in their daily life. If they learn the moral values, they will be more mature and know to reject their invitation from peers that want to do something bad.

: Parents might also be one of the problem for too protecting their children, making their children becme rude and not respecting teachers , thus not care about the school punishment.

Derrick: Well I think government should do something

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