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Although it has become a very emotive issue in the country, I would like to concur that gun possession is a lawful action which is protected in the constitution of the USA. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution clearly stipulates that individual US citizens are entitled to own guns to use for self-defense. After all, there is no federal law which prohibits them from possessing one (Davidson, 2008).

The possession of guns by individuals is a sign of liberty which is protected by the constitution. All eligible Americans are allowed to rent or borrow fire arms to use for self-defense. This is done because they should be responsible for their personal safety. Even if the government is mandated with the role of protecting its citizens, it is important to acknowledge that each person should be concerned about their own safety. Thus, they are allowed to have guns, but only use them for the right purpose.

However, I would like to support the proposal of introducing stringent gun control acts because it is for the benefit of the Americans. Many people have abused their privileges of owning a firearm in many ways. Instead of using it for the right purpose, they have resorted to unlawful criminal acts. For instance, there have been many cases of indiscriminate gun shooting carried out by gun holders on innocent citizens. These incidences have become so common in the country today. However, the only surprising thing is that such people launch attacks on others without any proper reason. Such unfortunate acts have been committed by people like Jeremy Wade Delle, Gang Lu, and Eric Houston.

Apart from attacking other people, many gun owners have taken advantage of their position to engage in robbery. The increase in the number of violent gangs may be attributed to an easier access to guns. Therefore, once they acquire these guns, such gangs use them to wreak havoc to the rest of the society. They also use them to kidnap innocent and unarmed unsuspecting citizens who end up being maimed or killed. This is not a good use of these guns because it demonstrates that those who are licensed to possess them end up misusing them.

I would like to support the enforcement of the strict gun control act because it can help in protecting the rights of children. The laxities in gun control acts have made it possible for even school-going children to get access to them (David, 2005). This has unfortunately fueled childhood violence which has led to the shooting of children in Kelly Elementary School (2010), Ross Elementary School (2011), Normal Community High School (2012) and Sparks Middle School shooting (2013). Childhood shooting has become a very common phenomenon in the history of American society.

Moreover, I would like to argue in favor of strict gun control because the possession of guns has compromised national security. With the increasing rate of international terrorism, the country has become so unsafe to live in. As much as the government is committed to fighting terrorist acts, it has not forgotten domestic terrorists who may be encouraged to join extremist groups such as Al Qaeda to destabilize the country s peace . If no stringent measures are put in place, the individual Americans

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