The Worlds Need for Gun Control
The world’s need for gun controlAs humankind has developed over time, they have created many elaborate tools to create their lives easier over time. These tools could either be used for unity or for war amongst the people. One prominent creation in human history would be the creation of the gun. The gun has been present for a long time now and has helped the world in many ways, but in light of recent events, guns have been in the use and possession of the wrong hands. This has lead people to believe that gun control should be executed in order to maintain whatever peace we have left in this chaotic world.A major example of why we should have gun control is the fact that over the years, the amount of shootings and mass murders have increased ten-fold. According to “Mother Jones: A Guide to Mass Shootings In America”, there have been 72 cases documented cases of gun massacres over the last three decades, and of the 143 weapons used, “more than three-quarters” were obtained legally. This shows us that people are finding it easier to get the weapons they need to conduct these heinous crimes. With the ease of access to these weapons of death, people are finding it simpler than it used to be to buy the guns and not be questioned as to why they have them as legal laws state that the users are allowed to have a gun in their possession as long as they have a permit.According to the Human Development Index submitted by the UN, USA has an alarmingly high number of deaths due to guns compared to other countries outranging the second highest which happens to be Switzerland 3:1. Another interesting fact is that although America only accounts for 4.46 percent of the world population, it also accounts for 42 percent of the worlds privately owned firearms. By increasing the price of guns and by regulating the laws allowing usage of guns all across the world, we can possibly reduce the number of gun homicides and suicides by a lot.

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