Gun Control
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Gun Control?
How would you feel if a stranger came into your house and threatened
your life or the lives of your children? How would you protect your self if you were no longer aloud to own a gun? This is a rising concern in the U.S. Amercians rights are slowly being taken away, as far as being able to have their own protection. Whos job is it to say that we can or cannot protect our selves. Other countries have tried to ban certain guns, if not all guns, their attempts have failed because crime rates have went up, people cannot use there guns for sporting, hunting,protection, etc. Maybe if gun safety

was taught in school we wouldnt have half as many problems that we do with young children shooting each other accidentilly. Guns are an important part of Amercias history. This country would not be where it is today with out having weapons to protect its self. I will agree that some rules and regulations should be applied for guns, but not all rights should be taken away.

Protecting your self is a big issue when it comes to owning a gun. Several studies have shown that a person with a permit to carry a concealed weapon, is more likley to help others, especially police officers. As of 1998 no permit holder has ever shot a police officer. Amercians use firearms to defend them selves from crimnals at least 764,000 times a year. This figure is the lowest among a group of 9 national surveys, done by an organazation called Gallup and the Los Angeles Times. The fact that people that have consealed weapons permits help, more than hinder, this should be something that the U.S. should consider looking at. Washington D.C. enacted a virtual ban on handguns in 1976. Between 1976 and 1991 Washington D.C.s crime rate rose 200%, while the U.S. rate rose an average of 12%.

Gun control is a good thing be gun abolation is a bad thing. gun control is somthing that limits sertan people from buying or owning guns.

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