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Last July 25, 2013, F2C class held their seminar at MB600, 2:30-4:00 afternoon. It was about the Companies Practices on Recruitment, Selection and Hiring. Their guest speaker was Mr. Albert Jayson who was the senior HR Officer of Mariwasa Tiles Company. He worked since he was a fresh gradute of Batangas State University. He was only 21 years old when he worked at that company. He said that the reason why he was hired is not because he was intelligent but because of his attitude/ character. He said that for you to succeed, you should know how to deal with other people, It wasnt enough that you were only good in terms of knowledge. When they do train the employees, they always consider the things wherein the employees will test their creativeness, and will saw it through imaginations and by that the employees will become productive. He said that there are four major functions of HR, First, recruitment and placement second, compensation and benefits third, training and development and lastly employee and industrial relations. And there are some tips to be an effective person: 1. Wake up early, 2. Walk Fast, 3.Work Hard, 4.Play Hard, 5. Develop Good Attitude, 6. Read a lot of Books, 7. Love your family and friends and most importantly Always pray to God. All of those things should be applied to our everyday lives even if you were an ordinary people and as a worker or employee. By these things for sure we will be succeeded in life.

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