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Take away application (TAAP) Week 61/ Informal groupGroups created by the employees themselves with no direction of management but simply because group members have a shared common interests, habits or lifestyle. To illustrate for informal group, I have a close-friend groups that working together at the office bank and the benefits of this group provides me is vary. For example, in daily routine of work life, we (tellers) have to work with many types of customers, especially with a tough or overbearing customers that we usually get stressed by them and even might have reprimanded by supervisor at the same day. With the formation of this group, we not only seek for a sympathetic ear of members in group but also can share other’s experiences to cope with this type of customer or the situation as well. Furthermore, being a member in group I can have the stimulation from others to get over the tough situation as well as contribute to encourage one that has the same situation as me. This is the important key to keep our group together.

2/ Team: is a small number of people with different complementary skills who are committed together in order to accomplish a task, performance goals under direction of management or organization. For instance, every Saturday morning, a team from the credit bureau will go another suburb to market survey and introduce the credit products to new customers. The team include the team leader is a deputy sales manager, two credit officers and a general consultant (responsible for another services of the bank such as payment account, saving products). Each person performs a vital role, possesses relevant knowledge and skills for team’s responsibilities. The deputy sales-team leader- define the goals and ensure the team work efficiency that day and also guide or impart for his inferiors all the relevant knowledge about sale the bank’s products.

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