Fosters Group Marketing Plan 2005
Fosters Group Marketing Plan 2005
Fosters Group
Marketing Plan 2005
Table of Contents
Executive Summary Page 3
Situational Analysis Page 4
SWOT Analysis Page 4
Our Mission Page 4
Our Values Page 5
Our Vision Page 5
Our Goals Page 5
Our Target Market Page 5
Marketing Objectives Page 5
Marketing Strategies Page 6
Projected Expenditure on Marketing Page 6
Market Research Page 7
Marketing…How and Where? Page 7
Implementation, Monitoring and Controlling
Key indicators of effectiveness Page 8
Controls Page 8
Research Page 8
Financial Forecast Page 9
Earnings Summary Page 9
Executive Summary
The following integrated marketing plan provides an outline for what is needed to pursue a successful expansion into the Asian beer market. To date, lack of marketing has been the catalyst for our poor returns in this region. To remedy this, we need to spend a good deal of money establishing ourselves as a serious brand in this region.

The Asian market is potentially the most lucrative of all markets where we operate, and to date, has been little more than a drain on our resources, offering little or no returns. Through an extensive marketing campaign, including sponsorship of popular events in Asia, such as Soccer championships, and an extensive TV advertising campaign, we can establish ourselves as the leading beverage choice throughout Asia, to add to the titles we already hold in Great Britain and Australia, to name but a few.

Our financial situation is clearly in a state where this form of expansion can be easily supported, given
• We have very healthy profit margin
• It is a very lucrative market
• We are a global company, and need to look globally in terms of distribution
We have a very broad target market with our wide range of beers, and this will assist in many areas, most notably with our marketing, as we are able to reach such a broad spectrum of people who make up our target market.

Our marketing campaign outlined in the following report is for the next three years, and it will be evaluated on a monthly basis, giving room for change as it is needed, and our close alliance with our market researchers will ensure that change is implemented where it is needed.

There is no reason why, with proper marketing; that the Asian region can not develop into the most lucrative and valuable market in which Fosters operates. If the marketing is effective, we can reach as many people in this sole market, as almost all of our other markets put together.

Situational Analysis (1)
Fosters Group is a premium global multi-beverage company delivering a total portfolio of beer, wine, spirits, cider and non-alcohol beverages. Our products inspire global enjoyment and are enjoyed by consumers all over the world. We are strong throughout Australia, UK and North America, and are looking to expand our brand even further, looking specifically at the massive potential market that exists in the Asian region, which to this day has returned poor sales figures. We have a very healthy profit margin, with a net profit of almost $800m in the 2003/04 financial year, and this will allow us to fund an extensive marketing campaign through Asia, which will hopefully increase sales to build a strong following there.

SWOT Analysis
• Well established brand name
• Wide range of brands offering variety
• The quality of products we offer
• Our Price – committed to competitive pricing
• Poor returns in Asia region

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