Ldrs 306: Leadership and Team Dynamics
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LDRS 306: Leadership and Team DynamicsStudy Guide Three – Group Dynamics and Team Interventions Chapters 9, 10, 12Name Is cohesion good or bad for a team and why? What are some of the things to be careful of with cohesion in teams? Cohesion is what connects and unites individual members of a team.  Therefore, cohesion is typically viewed as a good thing, particularly when referring to teams.  “In one of the most comprehensive studies of the impact of cohesion to date, Carless ad De Paola (2000) found that task and social cohesion were related to team morale, social support, communication, cooperation, workload sharing, participation in group process, preference for teamwork, work interdependence, job satisfaction, team performance, and team effectiveness.” (Franz, p. 181) However, some research and studies have shown the opposite is true.  These studies conclude that cohesion negatively affects a team’s performance or has no effect on a team’s performance. There are several issues that can occur.  The first is group think.  It is easier for a group to reach a decision, whether it’s the best one or not, if they are more cohesive and connected.  If a group is too cohesive and united, they might think they are right or make dangerous decisions.  Even if the decisions are too risky or safe.  Cohesion can lead low expectations of the group, leading to lowered work outcomes.  Also, cohesive groups don’t typically assign blame to individual members if there is a failure/problem.

What is dysfunctional conflict and what causes it? Discuss a time when you have witnessed or experienced dysfunctional conflict and what caused it.“According to De Dreu and Gelfand (2008), conflict is “a process that begins when an individual or group perceives differences and opposition between itself and another individual or group about interests and resources, beliefs, values, or practices that matter to them.” (p. 6).” (Franz, p. 200) Therefore, dysfunctional conflict is when the group’s conflict negatively affects the team’s work performance/work product.  It is caused by heightened emotionality and dysfunctional relationships and/or behaviors.  In my previous position, we had a team meeting to discuss a student’s behavior.  It consisted of the site’s Assistant Manager, my Lead Teacher, myself, and our classroom support.  The classroom support took something that was stated personally.  She, then, got up, walked out, and refused to talk to any of us for the remainder of the work day.  When school started the week, tension was high.  She refused to support us, particularly me.  Instead of assisting me when I would be leading the class or preparing the classroom, she would sit in the corner.  Therefore, tension was high, and transitions and routines took longer.  In the end, the work product, which were the preschool experiences for the children, suffered.

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