Oranizational Commitment
Essay title: Oranizational Commitment
Organizational commitment can be described as a collection of feelings and beliefs that people have towards their workplace as a whole. (George and Jones, 2005) At Aberdeen organizational commitment to the plant is high. Most of the workers enjoy their jobs and are content in their job placement. If problems arise then they are worked out within the group that a particular employee is with, everyone coming to an agreement with what the best solution to the problem is. Things then continue as normal without causing a large amount of lost work time making this an efficient way to reduce the costs of having to retrain someone. In turn, they also experience an extremely low turnover rate. Green River is larger than Aberdeen, under jurisdiction of a Union, United Steel Worker’s of America, and has many different levels of job classification, a more structured form of management. The Green River facility has also presented itself with knowledge of how to reduce costs but still increase productivity. The employees of this facility are under the direction of a union but also seemed to have a strong commitment to the organization as a whole.

There are many levels of job satisfaction, a collection of feelings and beliefs that people have about their current jobs. (George and Jones, 2005) Aberdeen’s employees have a level of job satisfaction that is rarely seen in a factory setting. Most of the people who come to work there are astonished at how well the system works and are ready to contribute, to the best of their ability, to the ongoing trust and responsibility that is handed to them upon employment. FMC Green River may also share in some of the job satisfaction observed at Aberdeen but does not equal the enthusiasm seen at the Aberdeen facility.

Through the next several decades as the global economy changes both Aberdeen and Green River will face challenging times. I do believe that as long as policy guidelines and procedures are followed Aberdeen can remain a cost efficient and effective company, even with a larger number of people working there. One danger that the Aberdeen plant could face is the appointment of a power hunger manager who would want to change the policies and

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