Mgt 322 – Concepts in Organization Behavior
Essay Preview: Mgt 322 – Concepts in Organization Behavior
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Concepts in Organizational Behavior
Unit One – Individuals in Organizations
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In the present and continuing into the future of FMC Corporation the Green River and Aberdeen plants both will face numerous challenges. Two key areas of interest within the plants make up, are the organizational commitment and its job satisfaction of the employees. These two subjects go hand in hand. It is difficult not to mix the two together. These subjects are relevant in that they both affect the employees well-being and have an impact on company production. By carefully addressing these issues the plants can reduce their chances of having an unpleasant work environment as well as reduce chances of low production affecting the companies overall competition in the market.

A persons job satisfaction is the feelings and beliefs that a person has towards their job. (George & Jones, 2005). Whether people have a positive or negative feeling or belief towards their job does not always determine the persons job performance. Sometimes people do what they have to do regardless of their personal feeling and beliefs just to hold on to their job. There are examples of negative people that are unhappy with the work environment and they show this as tardiness to the jobsite, irresponsibility, lack of respect towards management or other employees. These actions will ultimately affect other employees and the production output. Green River hired many people from the local population that where not trained properly or had enough training. People where placed in areas that the company saw fit. In these areas the workers were unhappy or felt that they did not fit in that specific job area so they quit. There was no cross training or employee and management interaction. This produced a large turnover for the company.

In the Aberdeen plant there was a high moral. People where chosen for their skills and placed in areas that best suited themselves and the company. There was interaction between employees and management, free thinking was encouraged, as well as safety, cleanliness, and a healthy environment where provided. Employees felt appreciated, knew what was expected of them, took responsibility for their actions, and knew the pay that they would receive for their work. A flow chart was drawn up for all to see how each employee could achieve higher

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