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The Song “American Idiot” by Green Day uses techniques to engage the audience to interoperate the issues. Green day through their style of music convey issues such as the medias over powering effect on society, greed and the division of the United States of American over political issues. Green Days negative stance on the issues through these techniques conveys the audience to agree with the main issues being focused.

The medias influence on society is a main issue, which is, portrayed though the lyrics. People believe a large quantity of information that is presented from news “One nation controlled by the media” and entertainment programs. The media is so powerful it can make the audience agree or disagree on whatever is being presented. Techniques are used such as repetition, which therefore positions the audience to lose trust in the media.

Political issues such as the war on terrorism is evoked as an issue throughout the song. American was divided “All across the alien nation” when troops were sent to Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction. Metaphorical language was used to explore the issue. Audience positioning from techniques indorse concerns with a country divided and positions them to feel the need to cooperate and sort things out other than civil unrest and debate.

Paranoia is another issue, which grasps the audiences attention because it connects with several tragic events. Green Day tries to link the fear of living in American after the terrorist attacks of two thousand and one “sing along in the age of paranoia” through their style of writing and positioning of words. Techniques used to help the audience interoperate the message convey was descriptive language while using a mocking tone. The audience is positioned from these techniques to understand that people should access the risk of terrorism because of decisions made from the American parliament.

Throughout the song Green Day presents a well-performed song, which issues interact with recent events in America. With many techniques such as descriptive language and repetition the audience is provided with some insight on the issues. The audience is positioned to agree with Green Days political stance and their view of Americas society today.

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