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The statement “With freedom comes great responsibility” is a true statement. At the time that I used to live with my mom I was not allowed to go wherever I wanted with my boyfriend. My mom soon gave let me go wherever I wanted with him and that was freedom that Ive always wanted. With that being said I now have even greater responsibilities because I am now pregnant and I also live with him. The responsibilities that I have to deal with now are washing my own clothes and his. I also have to cook for the both of us and I had to learn to cook, that was actually very very difficult because i have never ever cooked, i even burned myself in the process of learning how to do it. For me those are great responsibilities because when I was living with my mom she basically did everything for me, i hardly ever had to do anything and when i did it was very simple things that my mom would ask me to do. Also I am pregnant now so I have to deal with responsibilities like making sure I eat right and also stay healthy if i want to make sure that my baby comes out healthy and great. Being pregnant is a great responsibility in its self.American Eagles mission was to create truly personalized, targeted, and leading-edge marketing, sales, and self-service applications that foster a dynamic and meaningful rapport with our customers. One of the strategies that American Eagle Outfitters is doing to compete with its competitors is reporting December and January sales. They compete with other companies based on quality, fashion, service, selection and price.

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