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Matt Rossetti
Would I ever of met my best friend if his dad was on time to work one dark September day? On the day of September 11th, 2001, two planes crashed into Twin Towers. The planes completely destroyed both buildings and took over 3,000 innocent lives. This day became known as the worst attack on American soil ever. 9/11 changed our country forever. Not only did we lose some great people that day, but we also lost our countrys sense of safety that it provided us before the attack. Heres my take on this tragic day.

Recently we watched a short video in literature class on 9/11. Before watching the video, I didnt know much about the attack. All I really knew was that my best friends dad was suppose to be at a meeting in the Twin towers at the time of the attack and then planes ended hitting the building. But luckily he got held up in traffic and never attended the meeting. Ill be honest, and say that I didnt really even care that much about what happened. I know that sounds bad but I thought it was before my time so why does it matter. I didnt know anyone involved in the attack so I kind of looked at it as why should I care.

While we were watching the video, I started to realize how scary it must of been to be near New York at the time or even in America. Quarter way through the video, I began to really start to pick up how heavy this tragedy was and what it was like to be living in our country at the time. I never would have thought it affected so many people. I knew a lot of people died but I didnt know that people in the area could suffer from the dangerous chemicals in the air. It really scares me to think, that it was so bad up there by where the planes crashed that people were jumping because they couldnt take it. Although over 3,000 people died, I still think its amazing that over 30,000 were saved.


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