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Gareth Emery has been one of my favorite progressive trance producers. I got the chance to see him spin at Rumor in Philadelphia on 29th July. This was also Gareths debut gig in Philadelphia. Hailing from U.K.,Gareths unique style of blending trance with the catchy elements of house music has landed him a tremendous following among the people. The club was jam packed by the time Gareth took the decks AT 12:00 am. The resident DJ Michael Myers played a great opening set and created the perfect atmosphere for Gareth to unleash all the big tracks. Gareth opened his set with his collaboration with fellow producer Ashley Wallbridge called “Mansion”. The crowd went wild at the breakdown of this track which has melodic keyboards fused with a deep bassline. Gareth certainly seemed on song and his building up of the set was masterful. The tempo kept increasing with every track and the intensity of the set never really went down.Gareth ended his two hour set with his new vocal track “Sanctuary” and it was great to see the crowd singing along. It was a night to remember and I certainly got my moneys worth.

Dutch tech trance master Ummet Ozcan made his New York debut on 24th August. He was playing at Sullivan Room which always hosts the most underground DJs. Hailing from Netherlands,Ummet Ozcan has hit it big time and is signed to renowned Dutch trance label Reset Records. Ummets popularity has risen and that could be seen by the number of people turning up at this underground venue. Local talent Rory James played the warm up set and Ummet took over the decks at 12:30 am. Ummet started his set with a nice little intro. The intro was a pretty dark one with an elaborate arrangement of soft pads and catchy percussion after the track exploded into life with hard kick drums and a pounding bassline. Very soon the whole audience was jumping with Ummets excellent track selection and the energy inside the club was amazing. The great thing about his set was that he played all his older tracks and that was greatly appreciated among his long standing fans which includes me. Ummet ended his set with his smash single “Trinity” and the whole club went into a rapture. I got the chance to meet him after his set and it was great to exchange ideas on music since I am an aspiring trance producer as well. I really hope he comes soon to play live and it was a great experience to finally see him spin live.

District 36 in New York hosted Coldharbour Night on 3rg August. On the line up were Grube & Hovsepian, Colombian whizkid Khomha and Mr.Pit. Coldharbour Recordings is owned by the famous DJ/Producer Markus Schulz and the above mentioned artists are all signed to this label. Grube & Hovsepian opened the night and played from 11-1 am.They played a nice progressive house set which was appreciated by the crowd.Khomha took over the decks at 1am. Khomha has been making huge waves in the

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