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Yosemite Case
Annotated Bibliography
Brower, K. (1990). Yosemite An American Treasure.
National Geographic Society, Washinton D. C.
The reason why I choose this book is because it is written by the great-grandson of John P. Irish a commissioner of Yosemite who favored state control of the park. His father became the first executive director of Muirs Sierra Club. Also because Kenneth Brower writes about the history and preservation of Yosemite.

Burns, K., & Duncan, D. (2009). The National Parks Americas Best Idea.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY.
I choose this book because it gives detailed information how Yosemite was named. It has several journal entries from early explores who were among the first to set eyes on Yosemite. Also because it tells its most early history from being a State Park to becoming a National Park.

Engburg, B., Muir, J., & Wesling, D. (1999). To Yosemite and Beyond: Writings from the
Years 1863-1875. University of Utah Press. Retrived from EBSCOhost.
John Muir was the man who convinced President Theodore Roosevelt to make Yosemite into a National Park. He also founded the Muir Sierra Club. He began the begining of the American conservation movement. John Muir did alot for Yosemity and this is why i picked this book.

Granville, L. (1990, Sept.). The Making of a National Park.
Courier (National Park
Service). SIRS Government Reporter. Web. 20 Sep 2011.
I choose this journal entry because of Abraham Lincolns involvement with Yosemity in 1864. It also has the involvement of Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. How both Presidents preserved the park with each of their bills. One by making it a state park and the other by making it a national park.


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