The Women in the Great Gatsby
The Women in The Great Gatsby
The women in The Great Gatsby are presented in an unflattering way that does not make the reader sympathetic towards their character. They are viewed more as an object rather than a human being. The women, Daisy, Jordan, and Myrtle, are described in their voice, looks, and behavior, instead of focusing on their feelings or emotions. The women are interpreted to be very negative characters and not superior in comparison to the men.

Daisy changed for the worse for the desire of money. She, who is a woman herself, objectified her own daughter in the story. Daisy does not even specify the gender until asked specifically. When she is asked how her daughter is, she responds, “I suppose she talks, and eats, and everything.” (Daisy, 16). When she says this, she says it in a way that she is disappointed in having a girl. She does not go in depth, she is very blunt about her daughter. Daisy realized that girls are not looked upon as intelligent but more of as objects. Daisy said about her daughter, “I hope she’ll be a fool- that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” (Daisy, 17). She states that girl cannot be smart, but more of as eye-candy for successful men. That is all that the women are good for, to be beautiful. Daisy also changed because she was eager for money and cared so much of her ego. Gatsby said, “her voice is full of money.” (Gatsby, 120). Gatsby came to realization that Daisy has been corrupted by money, that has transformed her into a snobby girl from the sweet girl he used to know. The one that loved him when he was poor, but because she genuinely liked him. The girl that did not make decisions based on what is better for her reputation rather than what she actually had passion for.

Jordan represented traits that are very negative. Throughout the story Jordan was very dishonest. Even Nick describes her as “incurably dishonest” (Nick,

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