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What can I say; I unapologetically love this chain of restaurant. Last year for me and my husbands first anniversary, we decided to dine at the Cheesecake Factory. Weekends here are guaranteed to be busy, and it is well known that you always have a very long wait, so we planned it for an early day. I do not think I have ever seen the Cheesecake Factory dead, and for a good reason; it is delicious! Service here is top notch as many restaurants attempt to mirror it. Only after sitting down for a short couple minutes a waitress asked us for our drinks of our choice, she was very polite and attentive. After she had walked away, a different waitress had come to take our orders but of course we had not decided what we had wanted to eat for the night. The scenery was absolutely nice; not too bright and not to dark, just right. It was an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere, complete with a lovely waterfall outside.

How can you go wrong with the Cheesecake Factory? Pricey yes, but you kind of expect that going in. Being there was our second time in an expensive restaurant. We personally would only go to these kinds of places unless it is a special day. When you cant decide what to eat and have time to look through a 50 page menu, this is your place. The servicers are always willing to help you pick something on the menu to eat if you cant decide. You will always find what you might be looking for and leave full and satisfied. I can come to this restaurant and never be disappointed. They are consistently yummy in a semi-upscale room, inviting and calming, yet still interesting, making it an excellent option for a couple like us to eat. This is a great combination because you can relax and enjoy your food while not being lulled to sleep by dull surroundings.

Another great thing about the Cheesecake Factory is how great the presentation of the food is. When you are browsing the menu and see a photo of what you want, that is exactly what you get. Even the portions of the serving are a great amount; enough to where one entrée can feed two people and have left overs to take home. It is like they are yelling “AMERICA” in your face twenty times. Normally I have a tough time eating that much in one sitting, and I usually have a large appetite. The taste of the food matches its visual excellence. While preparing our order, it was like we could smell and taste it before we had even got it. I had ordered the Thai lettuce wraps which are incredibly difficult to eat, but the flavors are so good. Yes, your hands will be sticky but just ask for a wet nap and they provide you with warmed wet linen napkins. The lettuce wrap is colorful, fresh, and light but filling. It came on a large platter with piles of julienned carrots, chopped cucumbers, cilantro, marinated chicken pieces, bamboo shoots and three Thai dipping sauces, the peanut butter chili sauce was my favorite. Then for desert we both had our new favorite, red velvet cheesecake.

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