The Lack of Free Expression
Essay Preview: The Lack of Free Expression
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The Lack of Free Expression        As a human being is the right of every individual to hold opinions without interference, to receive and impart information, and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Everybody has the freedom to express what they feel, what they think, and what is considered for themselves right or not. Because no one in this world, including the government of any country has the capacity to say or predict for sure what is the correct path to follow, it is important that people can let know their point of view in order to have more opinions, and ideas to build the easiest pathway for everyone. Accordingly, taking in mind the last statements, and focusing on what has been happing in Venezuela the last years, and even more the last catastrophic months where 97 people have lost their lives, I can say with any doubt that Venezuela is lacked of its totally freedom of expression by its government. People in Venezuela is despised and stripped away from their rights because they think different, want a better quality of life, and also want a country where they can be able to find food, medicines, appropriate jobs, and opportunities to be successful in their lives. The present major problem that it has been occurring in Venezuela is caused by three main reasons. The desire of the government to keep the power for limitless time, the conformity of some social sectors and the belief that just one person or one specific group can make the difference.First of all, every human being is related in certain way with the excess of alcohol, food, and even more with the overabundance of power and money. For the last 18 years old, Venezuela has been governed by a group of people who are just care about themselves, a group of people who want to keep the power as much as they can in order to have the control of one of the richest country, as Venezuela is. The current government of Venezuela arrived into the country with a vision of unity, prosperity and quality of life for its habitants, but so far, no matters how many years or opportunities have been given by the people to the government, everything seems to be worst. Families of Venezuela’s government have everything, luxuries, jobs, excellent quality of food every day in their dinners, medicines, travels around the world and expensive education. But, those facts are not even close to the message that was given to the people of Venezuela years ago. The message was about equality, no matter what social class he or she were, and the rights and opportunities that everybody was going to have. Usually, people wonder what is really happening in the minds of every member of Venezuela’s government. How much more do they want? As an answer to the last question, I can say that so far, there is not a precisely and conclusive response for that. But, in my personal opinion I think the government of Venezuela is blind by their ego, and more important by their belief that they are always going to be the kings and they are never going to pay for all the hurt that they have been caused to their own brothers and sisters.

Secondly, despite the fact that terrible incidents have been happened in Venezuela all this years, a group of social sectors still supporting the government without care if the major authorities take certain decisions for the well-being of the country or not. There are people in Venezuela who still believing in the message of equality that the ex-president, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias implanted in the minds of the poorest social sector of Venezuela 18 years ago. Moreover, there are citizens who are conformist with what they have and what they have been receiving by the government all this last years. Every human being can have anything if he or she is disposed to make sacrifices and apply all the effort in order to achieve his or her dream, regardless if that person is in the poorest social sector or in the richest social sector of that country. Dough anyone in the country who is not related with the government doesn’t has special treatment, in other words, normal people without government relationship have to make lines to buy medicines, basic nutriment to take to their homes, and have to affront difficult necessities, it exists a belief between specific people in Venezuela that still thinking that they have everything and have more than that is wrong. Through these last 18 years of dictatorial government, the poorest sector of Venezuela has been bought almost for nothing, just by an empty idea of what unity and equality among siblings of one country is. Those people have been prepared, blinded and stripped away of their own ideas to think and believe in the thoughts of the person who is in charge of the presidency.

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