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The Dismissal ~
Three Primary Sources
Primary Source Number one
Distinctly this is a photograph of the Governor- Generals secretary, David Smith as he reads the notice-dissolving parliament on 11 November 1975, with Gough Whitlam looking on. The expression that is apparent on Whitlams face and his general demeanour and conduct can be used to interpret peoples attitudes and actions.

It is evident that there is the presence of a large number of journalists microphones. This suggests the event was overly publicised, controversial and contentious.

Also we can tell the time frame of the event through this primary source because of the use of technology. From when microphones were invented and when colour photographs were not yet available.

Furthermore, the way the people are dressed in this photograph can indicate their status in society. All the people in the photograph are wearing suits and some are even wearing headdress that are wore by judges and lawyers. Here we can presume that this was of a political agenda and that we are at a location related to politics or law. Through the photo we can tell its not a local court case because in the background there are an abundant amount of police. The number of police that is apparent in the photograph would be at any local or miniature law or political setting. Historians can just this to justify the importance of this event.

Another point that can make it useful is to see society when feminism is fully excepted as it is today. In the photography we can almost say that there are no females in it.

Primary Source Number two
ÐMen and women of AustraliaÐ Will you believe with me that Australia can be changed, should be changed, must be changed?Ð… We are coming into government after 23 years in oppositionÐ… Ð- Gough Whitlam

Through this quote from Gough Whitlam at the launch of his official policy speech, on the 13th November 1972 at Blacktown Civic Centre, we can determine the intentions and objectives of the Whitlam government. “We are coming into government after 23 years in opposition”, we can tell

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