Lord of the Flies
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William Goldings Lord of the Flies uses setting to influence mood. Storms and good weather
represent chaos and good will. Whereas the beach and the jungle has a calm and safe feeling;
the jungle is where people are over come with their emotions. In the novel Lord of the Flies
Golding uses setting to influence the mood by representing darkness as evil and light as good.
The storms and the good weather represent chaos and good will. When the passenger tube
crashed from detaching itself from the plane, people were in different places on the island and
there was a storm. “That storm dragged it out to sea. It wasnt half dangerous with all them
tree trunks falling”(9), thats when Ralph called a meeting to pick a leader. Whenever Ralph has
power there is no chaos or storms. But, when Jack because deranged the storm starts again.
Piggy says ” I dont like them clouds, remember how it rained just after we landed? Going to
rain again.”(162). The good weather represents fun, calm, and good will. People are happy
when the weather is good; “he turned neatly on his feet, jumped down to the beach, knelt and
swept a double armful of sad into a pile against his chest. Then he sat back and looked at the
water with bright excited eyes.”(112). the storms are chaos and melancholy whereas the good
weather is fun and exciting.
The jungle in Lord of the Flies represents a feeling of calm and safety. The jungle is where
people are fighting and killing. “Simons dead body moved out towards the open sea”, they are
so paranoid that the beast is real that they killed their own tribe member. Even when they kill
the pig, they are living like theyre in the Stone Age, were they wouldnt wear anything and
hunt and fight for food. The beach is there place of safety. Where a boat might come and
rescue them or where there is no beast to come hurt them. Its there place of security like a
church, a place where they can always feel safe. Thats why there first meet near the beach.
They knew they would be safe there and would find a way off

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