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Should To Kill A Mockingbird be taught in schools? Many people dont even know how it was or how people acted in the South. This book is one of the very few that actually tells a good story about the time, or even the place. I believe that this story should be taught in schools because children need to learn about the values of the South, back then. This story tells about an imaginary town in the rural part of Southern Alabama. The time is set around the 1930s. The town is predominantly Caucasian. There are African Americans, but they are mistreated. This time is not too long after the slave were freed, which is why the African Americans are mistreated. Children need to know the importance of the story that this book tells, so that they can have a better understanding of racism. I think that racism should not be included in our society at all because it is demeaning and rude. Our peers, and even our future children, do not need to learn to be rude. They need to learn to be kind and thoughtful. Rudeness is one of the worst ways to treat someone because it can make them think badly about you. There are also people who have committed suicide because of how rude people were to them. There are people who go to jail, or even prison, for having certain negative impacts on other people.

There are other reasons too. Many children need to read this, not only because it teaches them a good lesson, but also because it is a good literary work. This story tells about a little girl, nicknamed Scout. who walks her way through childhood in the Southern Alabamian environment. It is very interesting in many parts of the book. Take chapter four, for instance, Scout goes to the Radley Place, and finds many different objects in a tree. She found gum, a spelling bee medal, and even an old watch!You could also use chapters 19 and 20, there is a black man, named Tom, who gets prosecuted for a crime that he didnt commit. The whole town, accept for a few

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