Applying Greatest Strengths
Applying my five greatest strengths
According to strengths finder my five greatest strengths are consistency, futuristic, positivity, analytical and a learner. Each trait describes me. My life is busy and sometimes I can be focused on a major assignment thats not all that easy and can find my self off balance not paying attention.Your greatest potentional for growth is where your stregths are.

Consistency. My consistency routine is essential to my daily life. It lets me know whats coming and when. What generally needs to be done can generally be accomplished.

Futuristic. My strengths feed mission on futuristic. Being futuristic is at the heart of why I do what I do. My goal is often steps to achievement. Having eternal quality benefits extends beyond a lifetime and expressing a vision of the future.

Positivity. Positive thinking anticipates happiness, joy and successful outcome of every situation. It helps me to reduce stress. Having a positive outlook makes me feel better. Always thinking positive helps me to expect good results even if the situation is not always what you wish them to be. Have you notice if you are happy things seems to go easier than the opposite. You just cant seem to get more of the same feelings.

Learner. Learning can be fun. I am a highly motivated learner. You can earn while you learn. Its no secret more learning education means more money. I always ask myself am I willing to put forth the effort into my goal to get a degree. Am I willing to make sacrifices now in order to achieve my goal? Theres no shortcut to learning.

Analytical. Even with disciplines, approaches may come different with analytical skills. Im good at having the ability to analyze materials. First start off with a purpose. Face with being analytical helps my organizational skills that will work

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