The Creation and the Two Brothers
Essay title: The Creation and the Two Brothers
1.1 The Creation and the Two Brothers.
As evident, the modern battle between good and evil has been prominent since the world began. After reading the creation story documented by the Iroquois Indians it is easy to see that they had a fond respect for the land as well as their lives. The beginning of the story exemplifies their idea of a “god”, the chief in the Sky-World; the creator. Primitively creating the world in regards to direction, the story proceeds to encompass the creation of all other means of survival. The good nature and genuineness of this ideal creation is displayed through the courteous and welcoming water creatures. Pushing themselves to their limits, they did what they had to in order to make room for the fallen wife of the ancient chief. They were not threatened by the new presence in their space. Unlike the people of world today who are scared of the unfamiliar. The creatures worked together until the goal of making land was accomplished so she would have a place to live. Had they not helped the woman down to the earth, the seeds would never have dropped and plants would not have grown. That sequence exhibits a moral that helping others can ultimately help the world.

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