About Myself Case
My name is Mohammad Ezuddin Mohd Johari. For whole my life, I was born and raised in my country, Malaysia. Living in country which is you are in majority is privilege for me because you can eat and you can do and practice as long as youre not against the law. Unfortunately, when Im in different side of the world its quite challenging for me. Food, weather and language are my stressors for my new life in California. Gradually I adapt the situation because I taught to myself if I didnt change, the situation wont change for me.

Im the eldest son of the family. The pressure of being the first son is always be there. You need to impress everyone to become a good son and role model to your siblings . My parents getting old and they want to rest after 30 years of working. I must get job soon so I can pay my debt for raising me and they can enjoy their retirement and take them to vacation to an island may be, feel the ocean breeze and beaches.

I really love to ride motorcycle. I had a motorcycle in Malaysia and I crashed several times during dry and rain. The scars still there but Im lucky because I still in one piece, nothing broken. I want to own a motorcycle here but its expensive. Everything is three times than in my country because of currency vary. I love to see people with 80s motorcycle because they have their own class, style and passion among them to keep their motorcycle runs well and maintained.

I hate say that but I always stage fright to do presentations and talk in front of people. My voice like awkward and usually I stopped in the middle of the presentation to think about what should I said after this. My hand getting sweat and cold like everyone in front of me will eat me alive if I messed up. Hopefully I can get through this as smooth as silk when I graduated so I can represent myself in good look and have a great job.

The economic problem

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