Girls Talk a Lot
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Girls arent all the same! Like you boys, girls can be quiet and shy, out-going and bubbly. I advise you to let her talk most of the time, but make sure you get a word in now and again! But if you would like to try out with a quieter girl, do try and start conversation. This girl wont be quiet for all her life, just until she likes you enough. Usually then they are always a good laugh!

Learn this and you will be a king of the ladieslisten to them and allow them to talk about themselves. Ask them a question about themselves that uses information they gave you in their conversation with you. For example, when Linda says she misses her brother Dave who went to live in Cincinnatti you can ask, “Did you get a chance to visit Dave yet?”

Listen more than anything else and then toss back a question about what the girl said to you. This will score major points!
Technically, the more you let someone talk, the better they feel about themselves. Is it normal? No, there are no set standards for this type of thing. Its subjective and if you like her to talk a lot, youve got a great match. If she never asks you about yourself, shes either nervous or excitable. The real question is are you bored or annoyed by all the talking and do you feel like youd like to do some talking but never get a turn? A good relationship means both parties feel listened to. I know plenty of happy marriages where the guy never talks at all and hes happy that way.

VERY Normal ! But remember to respond to some of the things shes saying with more than one word (if possible).

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