How Do You Think a Small Margin for Error Affects Communication on a Project?
Essay Preview: How Do You Think a Small Margin for Error Affects Communication on a Project?
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Jaleesa Howard
Due: 9/30/12
How do you think a small margin for error affects communication on a project?
Answer: When you are trying to do a project you have to make sure that everything is correct. You do this so that you know that nothing will go wrong. When something goes wrong it not only hurting your project but it hurts how you will communicate with your audience.

In what ways do you act differently in a face-to-face meeting than you do during a telephone conference call?
Answer: When you have a face to face interview you have to make sure that you look great, speak correct English, and make sure you give you attention to who you are speaking to. You want them to know that you mean what you are saying and not just making up something so you can seem smart. Now when you have a conversation on the phone you just have to make sure that you listen to every word they say. A good idea is to write everything down so you would never forget what was told to you.

Why is written communication essential in some situations (such as conveying specifications), while oral communication is essential in others (such as technology interchange transfers)?

Answer: When you have directions to follow it is better for you to have it written down so you can make sure you are following everything to complete the task. Now when you are trying to make a decision about something important which, is going to affect a lot of people that is when it is better to have oral communication so you can see where everyone is coming from.

What listening hurdles do you find yourself facing as you listen to others? How do you handle it when you believe someone youre speaking to is not hearing what you say?

Answer: My hurdles are that I really dont hear to what people say when they talk to me. I listen to them I just dont hear them I trying to change and start to hear what people are saying to me. When I feel like someone is not hearing what I am saying I get upset so I know others get when I do the same thing.

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