How to Communicate Better?
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How to Communicate BetterNameName of the institutionContentsIntroduction,        Conclusion        Work Cited.        How to Communicate BetterIntroduction,Love involves two people who emotionally care about each other. The two bring their past experiences into the relationship; also they have different characters and opinions about life. Communication can break a relationship or make it perfect that’s why it is advisable to keep on communicating to your partner; ask the how there day was, how was work, how was there lunch, how are the kids and their family.   For people in a relationship to relate well and live a happy life there should exist good communication skills, it is easy to learn how to communicate better but here are some of tips on how to improve communication in your relationship.Always be a good listener, do not always be the one talking in the relationship. For once seat down and listen to what you partner has to say. Couples always love to tell each other their problems and see if the partner could help him or her overcome stress. When you are arguing it the best time to be a good listener put aside your point and listen to your partner he or she may have a good point than yours. Do not attack or run to blame, the proverb think twice before you leap is applicable here. Check your body language especially when listening to your spouse. Sit up, look them in the face and maintain eye contact. Do not use your phone when your partner is talking to you or looking around wishing the conversation to end. Show that you respect your partner by listening and providing solutions to their problems. Your choice of word is important to avoid being seen as an attacking partner for example you feel that your relationship is not at a good position and you feel like you have begin to distant yourselves. It is good to say that I feel like we are not good and we are not close of late, do not use you have been distancing yourself.

Apology is better than no apology, so you should learn to apologies to your partner when you have wronged them. Research has shown that apologies are good in enhancing your relationship. When apologizing try to be genuine and remorseful, since remorse has proven to be effective in a good and genuine apology, also when you partner has apologized to you, forgive them and forget do not keep on remind them on the wrongs you already forgave them. If you have something bothering you or you want to apologize to your partner it good to find the right time for you to do so. Right time may be when both of you are settled not stressed, distracted, not in rush or busy. You can choose to create an appointment in case both of you are too busy.Honesty is the key to a healthy relationship. The truth hurts but it good to be honest in your relationship. Instead of making excuse when you’re wrong just apologize and admit to your spouse that you are not always perfect but you will try and be. This will strengthen your relationship.   In a relationship everybody is not perfect, your partner can wrong you and it may hurt badly. Do not respond to them when angry you may end up doing something you will regret use the forty eight hours rule. After the forty eight hours if you feel you are still hurt then you are free to tell him or her, but do it in the right way and at the right time. Information can be misinterpreted, learn to talk important stuffs face to face. Do not use; e-mail, phone call, messages, they can be misinterpreted or one can take time to reply. If you have problem coming up with the right words it’s better to write them down and read out loud to you partner.

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